The trailer is our main focus for the moment. The idea to develop such a concept came with the Diploma of Niklas. He was always crazy about travelling especially by bike. But the existing concepts of pannier bags were never really satisfying. So Niklas started to focus on a trailer for travelling, which should be still useable in everydays life. The pictures below are giving you a rough idea about what the idea and plan is about. As soon we have more to show we will be happy to share it with you.



For the moment the frei-team consists of Killien a 26 years old Engineer and Niklas a 26 years old Product Designer.

We first met each other during our intern at the german outdoor brand VAUDE where we had the chance to learn a lot about sustainability and outdoor products. After this time we stayed in contact and took the chance to travel together as often as possible. One evening Niklas called Killien with the amazing news that he will apply for the EXIST scholarship and Killien agreed right away that he is willing to participate.



Since the day we met we have always been focused on experience adventures together. If it was like in the beginning about testing sleeping bags for VAUDE in the icecold german winter or about hitchhiking across germany. We love to to be outside without planning too much.
Since we will spend a lot of time together from now on, we decided to have a micro adventure every week which we want to tell you about here. Eventually we want to make products for adventures, so we actually have to be outside, dont you think? ;)